Aerobics & Warm-Ups for Fiddlers & Violinists Made Easy Big Note

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Aerobics & Warm-Ups for Fiddlers & Violinists Made Easy Big Note/Large Print Edition Aerobics & Warm, Ups for Fiddlers & Violinists is not for the sophisticated violinist with years of classical training. It has been created especially for the more casual player who is sincerely interested in getting maximum benefit from a minimum of effort. Aerobics & Warm, Ups for Fiddlers & Violinists helps to fill this need for technical studies applicable to both the worlds of classical violin and fiddling. "I first tested these scales and exercises on myself for six months, faithfully using them for about 20 minutes as warm, ups to my daily practice. I was rewarded with a definite improvement in my technique. I was actually surprised to see my dexterity grow as I charted my metronomic progress on a calendar. I remember thinking, "I will never be able to play faster than this." But then a couple of weeks later I would indeed climb a notch higher"! "Through the years I have used these exercises in countless fiddle workshops and with private students. The letters of thanks and positive feedback from students who were thrilled with improved fiddle technique have brought me great satisfaction. I sincerely believe that these exercises, when faithfully practiced, will help violinists improve their playing skills. The exercises will help develop and strengthen muscles used for finger dexterity, clarity of notes, tone, bowing, arm control, intonation, double stops and a flexible bowing arm wrist." Companion free Audio Tracks available online. ©2010, Book & Online Audio