Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Improvisation

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Product Overview

A Path to Fluency in Odd Meters and Polyrhythms for All Instruments

Product Number: 30923M

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 978-15134-6860-0

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Advanced Rhythmic Concepts for Improvisation offers the advancing student a method to expand their rhythmic vocabulary and explore some of the more challenging aspects of the modern jazz idiom. It puts rhythm and time-feel front and center, and offers techniques for strengthening your inner metronome, enhancing your time-feel, expanding your rhythmic flexibility, and especially, learning how to improvise fluently in odd meters.

The book includes over 120 audio tracks, with 52 backing tracks featuring a superb rhythm section for the student to play along with. There are multiple examples of grooves in each meter, as well as multi-meter exercises, arrangements of standards, an exploration of triplet groupings, polyrhythmic exercises, and full compositions. Includes access to online audio. ©2022, 96 pages



Triplets: Patterns and Groupings                                                                                        

Example 1: Eighth-note triplets grouped in twos                                                            

Example 2: Eighth-note triplets grouped in fours                                                          

Example 3: Eighth-note triplets grouped in fours                                                                          

Example 4: Eighth-note triplets grouped in fours using two arpeggios                           

Example 5: Quarter-note triplets grouped in twos                                                                         

Example 6: Quarter-note triplets grouped in fours                                                                         

Example 7: Eighth-note triplets grouped in fives                                                                            

Example 8: Eighth-note triplets grouped in fives                                                                          

Example 9: Triplet patterns                                                                                                            

Example 10: Triplet patterns                                                                                                          

Example 11: Triplet pattern as bass line (Backing Track)                                                             

Example 12: Triplets - rhythmic counterpoint                                                                              

Example 13: Triplet groove with chords (Backing Track)                                                             

Example 14: “African Song” upper lines                                                                                      

Example 15: “African Song” lower lines                                                                                       

Example 16: “African Song” four-part score                                                                                 

Example 17: Triplet groove (Backing Track)                                                                                

Example 18: Triplet groove                                                                                                          

Example 19: Rhythmic counterpoint (Backing Track)                                                                 

Example 20: Triplet groove (Backing Track)                                                                      

Applying Rhythmic Patterns to Standard Forms in 4/4                                                

Example 21: “Dotted-Half Blues” with rhythm section                                                            

Example 22: “Just One Thing” with rhythm section                                                                 

Example 23: “Dotted-Quarter Blues” with rhythm section                                                           

Example 24: “No or Yes” with rhythm section                                                                            

Example 25: “No or Yes” full form with rhythm section                                                            

Example 26: “G S ” in 3/4 with rhythm section                                                                            

Using Groupings and Rhythmic Layering in 4/4                                                        

Example 27: “Pulsion” bass line and drums only (Backing Track)                                              

Example 28: “Pulsion” A section with rhythm section                                                                  

Example 29: “Pulsion” B section with bass and drums only (Backing Track)                             

Example 29A: “Pulsion” B section with rhythm section                                                              

Example 30: “Thread”                                                                                                                   

Odd Meters                                                                                                                      


Example 31: 5/4 Groove with rhythm section                                                                                

Example 32: 5/4 Groove retrograde (Backing Track)                                                                  

Example 33: 5/4 Comping rhythms                                                                                               

Example 34: 5/4 Comping rhythms                                                                                              

Example 35: Two-chord 5/4 groove (Backing Track)                                                                    

Example 36: 5/4 Counterrhythms                                                                                                 

Example 37: “Momentum” bass line with rhythm section                                                            

Example 38: Clave and retrograde clave with rhythm section                                                     

Example 39: Comping rhythms with rhythm section                                                                   

Example 40: Comping patterns with rhythm section                                                                   

Example 41: Dotted-quarter pattern with rhythm sections                                                           

Example 42: Three layers in 5/4                                                                                                    

Example 43: “5/4 Blues” with bass and drums only (Backing Track)                                        

Example 44: “5/4 Blues” with rhythm section                                                                              

Example 45: Four variations with rhythm section                                                                       

Example 46: 5/4 Chord progression (Backing Track)                                                                  

Example 46A: 5/4 Chord progression - retrograde clave (Backing Track)                                   

Example 47: “Available Light” with rhythm section                                                                     


Example 48: “Samba 7” with bass and drums (Backing Track)                                                   

Example 48A: “Samba 7” with rhythm section                                                                             

Example 49: Group 1 comping rhythms with rhythm section                                                      

Example 49A: Group 2 comping rhythms with rhythm section                                                    

Example 49B: Group 3 comping rhythms with rhythm section                                                   

Example 49C: Group 4 comping rhythms with rhythm section                                                     

Example 49D: Group 5 comping rhythms with rhythm section                                                    

Example 50: “Samba 7” up-tempo with bass and drums only                                                       

Example 50A: “Samba 7” up-tempo with rhythm section                                                           

Example 51: Dotted-quarter pattern in 7/4                                                                                    

Example 52: Pattern grouped in fives                                                                                           

Example 53: 7/4 Clave variation                                                                                                   

Example 54: 7/4 Retrograde clave                                                                                                

Example 55: Two-measure 7/4 groove                                                                                         

Example 56: “Blues in 7/4” with bass and drums                                                                        

Example 56A: “Blues in 7/4” with rhythm section                                                                       Example 57: 7/4 Groove (Backing Track)                                                                                    

Example 58: Slow swing feel in 7/4 with rhythm section                                                             

Example 59: Bass line without downbeat                                                                                       

Example 60: Bass line without downbeat                                                                                      

Example 61: 7/4 Groove with bypassed downbeat                                                                         

Example 62: 7/4 Groove (Backing Track)                                                                                     

Example 63: Funk groove in 7/4 (Backing Track)                                                                          

Example 64: 7/4 Groove with 3 layers                                                                                          


Example 65: 9/8 Modal vamp with two rhythms                                                                           

Example 66: 9/8 Balkan rhythm                                                                                                    

Example 67: 9/4 Modal vamp (Backing Track)                                                                            

Example 68: Three-part invention in 9/4                                                                                      

Example 69: “Minor Blues” in 9/4 with bass and drums                                                              

Example 70: “Minor Blues” in 9/4 with rhythm section                                                              

Example 71: Swing feel in 9/4 with rhythm section                                                                     

Example 72: Straight-8th groove with displacement                                                                    

Example 73: 9/4 Groove with symmetrical chord pattern                                                            

Example 74: 9/4 Groove with chord changes and rhythm section                                                  Tens                                                                                                                                 

Example 75: 10/4 Groove with rhythm section                                                                              

Example 76: 10/4 Groove (Backing Track)                                                                               


Example 77: 11/8 Rhythm with 3 variations                                                                                

Example 78: 11/8 Rhythm with two layers                                                                                   

Example 79: 11/8 Groove                                                                                                            

Example 80: 11/4 Modal groove (Backing Track)                                                                        

Example 81: Same rhythm as Example 80 with chord changes and rhythm section                   

Example 82: 11/4 Modal vamp (Backing Track)                                                                         

Example 83: 11/4 Swing feel with rhythm section                                                                      

Example 84: Modal groove in 11/4 (Backing Track)                                                                 

Example 85: Groove in 11/4 with chord changes and rhythm section                                        


Example 86: Modal vamp in 13/8                                                                                                 

Example 87: 13/8 variation                                                                                                          

Example 88: Groove in 13/4 with rhythm section                                                                      

Example 89: 13/4 with rhythm section                                                                                       

Fifteens and Seventeens                                                                                                

Example 90: 15/4 Modal vamp 4/4/7 (Backing Track)                                                               

Example 90A: 15/4 Vamp (Backing Track)                                                                               

Example 90B: Bass line in 15/4 (Backing Track)                                                                       

Example 91: 15/8 Groove (Backing Track)                                                                                

Example 92: Bass line in 15/4 (Backing Track)                                                                          

Example 93: Same pattern with chord changes                                                                           Example 94: 15/4 Swing-feel with rhythm section                                                                      

Example 95: Modal groove in 17/8 (Backing Track)                                                                   

Example 96: 17/8 Groove with rhythm section                                                                           

Example 96A: 17/4 Groove             

Mixed Meters

Example 97: “Uneasy” with rhythm section

Example 98: 3/3/4 Pattern with rhythm section

Example 99: “3/3/4/4” Pattern (Backing Track

Example 100: Mixed meter swing feel with rhythm section

Example 101: “5/5/2” Pattern

Example 102: “5/5/3/3” Pattern (Backing Track

Example 103: “5/5/5/4” Pattern with rhythm section

Example 104: 7/4 and 5/4 Pattern

Example 105: “Slipping Glimpser” with rhythm section

Example 106: “Real and Imagined” with rhythm section

Example 107: “Thread” with rhythm section

Example 108: “654” with rhythm section

Example 109: “Real and Imagined” 3/4 vamp plus 1 1/4 bass line


Keeping a Practice Journal

Full Compositions