Acuña-Hoff-Mathisen Trio in Concert DVD

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Alex Acuña has been voted the best Latin/Brazilian percussionist in Modern Drummer magazine's Readers Poll for five consecutive years. He has a vast knowledge and expertise of percussion rhythms. His South American and Caribbean roots, combined with his understanding of contemporary and classical music, make him a complete and skilled master musician, one of the most sought after of our time. Best known for his work with artists such as Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, and the band Weather Report, he is a player that exhibits innovation, energy, and pure heart. Flanked by two Norwegian geniuses, keyboardist Jan Gunner Hoff and guitarist Per Mathisen, Acuna has assembled a world class performing trio that will captivate you with the high quality sounds, colors, and textures they orchestrate. This DVD comes with a bonus CD. ©2011 Want It Now? Download Instantly at: Acuna-Hoff-Mathisen Trio Concert