Acoustic Design for the Home Studio

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With the advances in digital technology, musicians can now produce their own music at home. Over the years the gear has gotten much better, and musicians have learned a great deal about recording. So why do so many musicians and engineers have difficulty getting truly professional-sounding results? One reason? Acoustics. If the room you" re working in has poor acoustics, it will be extremely difficult -- if not impossible -- to produce excellent results. You can" t capture a true sound if the microphones don" t hear the instruments and vocals correctly. You have to be able to hear what" s truly going on with your tracks to make the proper decisions about editing, equalizing, processing, and mixing them. Acoustics can be a complex, math-laden science, but treating a room to make it sound great and function optimally as a recording studio needn" t be diffi cult nor require hours in front of a calculator or computer screen. Improving a studio" s acoustics can be simple and inexpensive -- all you need is some guidance. Acoustic Design for the Home Studio focuses on creating a great sounding home or project studio in an existing room. It teaches the basic principles of acoustics that affect you in your home or project studio and how to solve any acoustical problems you may have without laying out much (or any) money. Whether you" re converting a bedroom, a garage, a basement, or a corner of the living room, this book will help you improve the sound of the environment in which you" re making music. The principles are easy to understand and the materials used for treating a room are readily available. Diagrams and photos of actual rooms created with the designs are included to illustrate concepts. Whether you want to pursue a no-cost solution, use "off -the-shelf" acoustic materials, or even splurge with an unlimited budget, you" ll learn how to put your room together easily and effectively. Features:
  • Teaches readers how to apply basic acoustical principles to create a great-sounding home or project studio without spending much money
  • Presents complex acoustical theory in understandable fashion, no math or physics knowledge required!
  • Created with input and consultation from Jeff Szymanski, a noted acoustician, as well as from Russ Berger, world-renowned studio designer/architect
  • Includes advice on acoustically treating any studio regardless of budget
  • Features before/during/after acoustical measurements of real home studio rooms that demonstrate the effectiveness of various treatments Author Bio: Mitch Gallagher is a successful guitarist, engineer, instructor, writer, and Grammy-winning composer. He has written four books and published nearly 1, 000 product reviews and articles on music technology and recording in magazines such as Performing Songwriter, EQ, Keyboard, Pro Sound News, Guitar Player, Government Video, Extreme Groove, Music Technology Buyer" s Guide, Videography, and Microphones & Monitors. He previously served as editor-in-chief of EQ Magazine and senior technical editor of Keyboard Magazine. He is currently editorial director of Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana. ©2006, 246 pages.