Access All Areas - A Real World Guide to Gigging and Touring

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Product Overview

From the paperwork to the practical aspects, Access All Areas gives you an excellent insight into the live music and touring industry. Drawing on a vast range of real-world experiences Wilkins provides you with the key technical aspects of gigging and touring in an easily understood manner. Whether you are performing in a church, club or concert hall, Access All Areas has examples and suggestions to make the event run smoothly. Gain understanding of the terms and techniques involved in live music performance. Learn what the industry use as standard equipment as well as what it does and how to use it effectively from an industry expert. If you are backstage, in front of the mic or behind the sound booth this book needs to be in your toolbox for constant reference. WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST IN THIS BOOK:
  • Gain expert advise on key practical areas of the live music scene and what's involved in putting a show together
  • Benefit from Wilkins' extensive industry experience
  • Learn how to stage an event in any venue Contents:
  • Getting started,
  • We are family,
  • Ready to rock, but is your gear?
  • Hello, Rehearsals and meetings,
  • Arranging the gigs,
  • The knowledge, Basics that you need to know
  • Speakers and amps, Microphones and DI boxes, Monitoring, EQ, dynamics and effects,
  • Mixing, Consoles and how they work,
  • Connections, Plugs, sockets and cables, Lighting,
  • Arrival, The venue and setting up,
  • Testing one, two, The soundcheck,
  • Good evening, The show, <>li>Goodnight, After the show,
  • There and back again, Transport and accommodation,
  • Real-life examples, Glossary, Theater Glossary, Index. ©2007, 288 pages.
  • ISBN