AC/DC: Guitar Kit

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48-page booklet/44-minute CD/ 78-minute DVD. The easiest way yet to learn classic AC/DC hits such as "Back in Black, " "You Shook Me All Night Long, " "Highway to Hell, " and others. For the beginning guitarist! In the Guitar Kit you get:
  • A full length (78 minute) instructional DVD in 'interview' format; with a guitarist/teacher showing you the easiest way to learn each riff, and the most difficult solo sections, of these classic tunes. Slow tempos and a metronome are used to ensure learning accuracy.
  • A CD include full performances (minus vocals) AND playalong tracks for each of the songs - all recorded by a great sound-alike band with authentic sounds.
  • A booklet with each song in full TAB, just the way you would see it in a regular AC/DC TAB book. Suitable for use with a guitar teacher, or for self-instruction! ©2007, Booklet, CD, DVD.
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