Absolute Beginners: Mandolin

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The complete picture guide to playing the mandolin, using clear pictures and illustrations for every step! Covers parts of the mandolin; tuning; basic music theory; holding the mandolin; picking patterns; scales and tunes in the key of G; open chords; chop chords; chords and tunes in the keys of A and D; tremolo; and an 18-chord picture chord dictionary. The pull-out chart includes the 18 picture chords, backed with a diagram of parts of the mandolin. The 48-track CD includes tuning notes, demonstration tracks for exercises in the book, and both slow tracks and regular-speed tracks for the tunes in the book (Cripple Creek, Amazing Grace, Old Joe Clark, Will the Circle Be Unbroken? and others.) Author Todd Collins has performed with Vassar Clements, Kenny Kosek, Bill Keith and many others. He has played on Disney soundtracks and on TV commercials. He currently teaches guitar and mandolin in the northeastern United States, from his home base in New Jersey. ©2007, Book & CD, 48 pages.