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A long time favorite of remix and electronics artists, Ableton Live is a powerful audio loop-based sequencer that is designed to be used not only as an instrument for live performances, but also as a tool for in-the-studio composing and arranging. With this newest version of Live, upgrades now allow the user even greater musical creativity and flexibility from creation to production to performance. Live supports instantaneous manipulation of multiple parameters of the music in addition to allowing you to record, mix, match, add effects, improve musical structure and create variations in your samples. With a large library of multi-sampled instruments, audio effects processing racks, plug-ins and a host of modifiable audio shaping parameters, Live allows its users unlimited freedom to be creative. In this tutorial, join Cliff Truesdell has he demonstrates the creative potential of this latest version of Live that has made it an indispensable tool for so many of today" s musical artists. Topics Include:
  • HA! QuickSTART Overview
  • Installing Ableton Live 7
  • Navigating the Live Interface
  • Working with MIDI Clips
  • Audio Recording in Session View
  • Using the Impulse Drum Sampler
  • The Drum Rack Running Time: 5h 9m DVD-ROM (This DVD will not play in a home entertainment DVD player) *Project Files are included on the DVD. ©2009