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Taking ostinato drumming and multi-limb independence to the next level this double disk DVD is designed for intermediate to advanced players. This DVD set includes a multitude of performances and examples, taking the viewer through a series of advanced examples on both acoustic and electronic multi-pedal drum kits, focusing on multi-pedal ostinatos and extreme independence. Chapters include: Solo on 8 foot pedals and Sky Toms, Bass Drum development exercises, Multi-limbed subdivision and grouping examples of 4-5 simultaneous layers, the double clave, Performances on arrangements of Market Place and 5 Mile Groove, Duets with bass player Petros Dragoumis and Percussionist Vangelis Paraskevaides presenting Greek rhythmic concepts and evolution into contemporary forms. This product can be used as a standalone or in combo with Ostinato and Polyrhythms DVD (MLB1529) for educational purposes. ©2009, DVD.