A Perfect Union of Contrary Things

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Publisher: Backbeat Books

Format: Hardcover

New York Times Bestseller A Perfect Union of Contrary Things is the authorized biography of musician and vintner Maynard James Keenan. Co-author Sarah Jensen's 30-year friendship with Keenan gives her unique insight into his history and career trajectory. The book traces Keenan's journey from his Midwest childhood to his years in the Army to his time in art school, from his stint at a Boston pet shop to his place in the international spotlight and his influence on contemporary music and regional winemaking. A comprehensive portrayal of a versatile and dedicated artist, A Perfect Union of Contrary Things pays homage to the people and places that shaped the man and his art.

Until now, Maynard's fans have had access to only an abridged version of his story. A Perfect Union of Contrary Things presents the outtakes, the scenes of disappointment and triumph, and the events that led him to take one step after the next, to change direction, to explore sometimes surprising opportunities. Included are sidebars in his own words, often humorous anecdotes that illuminate the narrative, as well as commentary by his family members, friends, instructors, and industry colleagues. The book also features a foreword by Alex Grey, an American visionary artist and longtime friend of Keenan. Accompanying the text are photos of Keenan from childhood to the present.

Maynard's story is a metaphor for the reader's own evolution and an encouragement to follow one's dreams, hold fast to individual integrity, and work ceaselessly to fulfill our creative potential.

“Keenan, the lead singer and songwriter for the Grammy-winning alternative metal group Tool, labels himself a 'world-class multitasker' in his e-mail signature, and first-time author Jensen details all of Keenan's various enterprises – leader of musical side projects A Perfect Circle and Puscifer; owner and winemaker of the Caduceus Cellars winery; aspiring actor and comedian – in this entertaining biography, which also serves as a glimpse into one of the more important and influential bands of the 1990s. Sure to please Tool's many fans, Jensen's look at Keenan's development as an individual and an artist is comprehensive, covering Keenan's Midwestern youth and his time serving in the Army (which supported his subsequent time in art school), his life in Boston working in a pet store, and his move to Los Angeles in the late 1980s, where, along with bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Tool helped redefine the sound of metal ('The primal scream was the key to making it sound sincere') and carefully developed a radical stage show. Jensen is excellent at describing how Keenan used 'a lyricist's talent for conflating the visual and the aural to create a provocative synesthesia.' And she gets Keenan to step out from behind his carefully crafted persona to look back on his life and career and admit that 'most of it was dumb luck and trust. You step over the edge into darkness. The bliss finds you.'” – Publishers Weekly

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