A New Tune a Day for Viola, Book 1

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C. Paul Herfurth's original series has been rewritten by Sarah Pope, a freelance London violist, children's orchestra tutor, and music magazine contributing writer. The viola book is designed for solo use, or for simultaneous use with the violin and cello editions. As with other books in this series, the viola book covers the rudiments of music reading; tuning; the basics of rosin, shoulder rests, strings and keeping the instrument clean; and posture - then goes on into the individually numbered lessons, with clear goals for each lesson, easy-to-understand diagrams and plenty of short pieces to play. The 95-track CD includes tuning notes, followed by demonstration and backing track only recordings of every piece from the book; including split-channel recordings on the duets. The two-sided pull-out fingering chart shows finger patterns for each string on one side, and a detailed photo of the viola (including arrows pointing out the names of different parts of the bow and the instrument itself) on the other side. The DVD in the special edition has visual reinforcement of the basics (holding the instrument, taking care of the instrument, using rosin, etc.) as well as performance footage that should encourage the young player to stick with it! ©2006, Book, CD & DVD, 48-pages with pull-out fingering chart.