A Music Producer's Thoughts to Create By

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You never know where or when an idea, a story, or a melody will come to you. The creative flow is within all of us. But how do you harness that energy and learn to produce top-quality recordings? It all boils down to three required elements: a great song, a great performance of that song, and a great sound. A Music Producer" s Thoughts to Create By will help you learn to recognize and create these three elements. Producer, engineer, and musician Keith Olsen has spent decades in the music industry, and in this exciting new book, he shares his expertise on musical themes, performance, arrangement, and musical trends. Then he takes you into the recording studio, with discussions of microphone placement, recording of drums, acoustic and electric guitars, monitor speakers, and the pros and cons of building a home studio. After you" ve mastered those concepts, you will learn about the more technical nuts and bolts of producing, the vibe in the studio, and of course the engineering aspects, including the use of effects, the spectrum of sound, and mixing. Finally, you need to know your path through advertising and legal matters for your productions, and Olsen does not disappoint, demystifying promotion, royalties and copyrights, pirating, and intellectual property rights. In short, this comprehensive guide is your key to the world of producing quality products! Features:
  • Written for all artists, musicians, engineers, and producers, from beginners through professionals.
  • Addresses the role of the producer in the recording process and the techniques used to create hit records.
  • Provides a how-to look at the creative processes involved in song and performance.
  • Covers the role of the producer, engineer, studio equipment, and how to combine all of those elements to achieve maximum results.
  • Contains a thorough glossary of terms and can be used as an effective reference guide to the production process. ©2005, 200 pages.
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