A Lesson With Steve Earle - Guitars, Songs, Picking

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Take a lesson with one of the most celebrated singer/songwriters of our time! A master storyteller, Steve Earle crafts his powerful songs with basic chords and a two-finger picking style that is eloquent in its simplicity. His music combines folk, blues, alt-country and rock styles in a powerful, instantly recognizable genre all its own. This unique DVD gives us two hours of great songs, stories, details about Steve""€™s guitars (he’s a well-known collector) and insights into his writing process. Best of all, it provides the means to play nine of his iconic songs: Tennessee Blues, Sparkle and Shine, Ft. Worth Blues, Hometown Blues, South Nashville Blues, This City, Satellite Radio and Copperhead Road. Steve""€™s songs are primarily built around basic chords and a two-finger picking technique that even novice players can pick up. He adds subtle touches, though - hammer-ons, slides, chord inversions, etc. - that bring a distinct flavor to each one. More advanced guitarists and songwriters will benefit from seeing how Steve brings intensity, poetics and a laser-like intelligence to everything he writes. DVD WANT IT NOW? Download Instantly at: A Lesson with Steve Earle Guitars, Songs and Fingerpicking Techniques