A Handbook of Costume Drawing, Second Edition

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Perfect for students of costume design and history, "A Handbook of Costume Drawing" illustrates and describes the dominant male and female costume silhouettes for major historical periods ranging from Egyptian dynasties through the 1960s. Important details, including head and footwear, hair styles, fashion accessories, shoulders, waist, hem, and neckline are provided to maximize the historical accuracy of each design and to help you fully recreate the look and feel of each period. "A Handbook of Costume Drawing" presents visuals that will help the designer produce images reflective of a specific time period. Students of costume design and costume history will learn how to "see accurately." This second edition features new information on the color wheel and the importance of understanding value, saturation, and the relativity of color. The book also discusses the use of computer technology, including scanners and programs such as Freehand and Photoshop, to help you add versatility to your costume drawing skills. Contents:
The Basic Figure and How Clothes Fit the Body; Materials and Techniques; Learning to See Color; Rendering Fabrics; Computer Aids for Costume Rendering; Creating a Period Silhouette 3000 B.C. - 1969 A.D.; Creating a Portfolio; Bibliography; Index. ©2000, 184 pages.