A Career in Music: The Other 12 Step Program - 2nd Edition

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Format: Softcover

Tom Harrison (The Province Newspaper) "If you are a band, you need this book...This new book is a follow-up to A Career in Music: The Other 12 Step Program, which goes through all the essential things any group must know. Both books aim to help young musicians navigate the waters of the music business."

Alan Cross (Broadcaster and Host of The Ongoing History of Music)  "the new edition offers advice on building a proactive team, picking the right manager, agent, music publisher, and record label, plus all-important chapters on various revenue streams available to composers and performers"

Foreword by Grant Lawrence (CBC and Author) Included in the Second Edition is the follow-up book to the successful “A Career in Music: the other 12 step program”. "A Career in Music: Building your inner circle" focuses on how to build your team as an artist. This book answers the questions: How do I get a manager, a booking agent, a record label, a publisher, a producer and other important people and companies to help my career? How do these business relationships work? What do the contracts look like? This book will help aspiring recording artists to surround themselves with the right people and companies to move their careers forward. Foreword by Alan Cross (Broadcaster and Host of The Ongoing History of Music).

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