600 Smokin' Blues Guitar Licks

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Publisher: Centerstream Publications

Series: Guitar

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 9781574243987

If you woke up this morning feeling blue about the state of your guitar playing, help is on the way without having to sell your soul to the devil at the crossroads. This book will have your hammers howlin' while bending like B. B. Licks are presented in the styles of the great electric blues players of the '40s through the early '70s. Many related styles of blues are presented such as jump blues, swamp blues, Chicago blues, Texas blues, etc.

Musical concepts, such as major and blues scales, modes, adding chromatic and blue notes, and swing rhythms are presented to enhance your understanding in order to create your own licks. Licks are strung together to create solos that play over 31 different progressions. Each solo is performed with a full band on the accompanying audio tracks. Learn a few of these solos and Clapton is bound to be clapping! ©2020, 72 pages