50 Easy Contemporary Pieces for Fingerstyle Guitar

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Product Number: 31004M

Format: Softcover & Online Audio

ISBN: 978-15134-6870-9

Belgian guitarist and composer Gilbert Isbin presents 50 original, short, contemplative pieces in this book and online recording. Designed for sight reading and performance by classical and fingerstyle players of all ages, these world music, blues and jazz-influenced tone poems are written entirely in first and second position in guitar-friendly keys. 
Adventurous rhythmic concepts with frequent use of pickup notes, syncopated basslines and meter changes make these contemporary guitar solos creative and extremely interesting. The solos feature singable melodies and are easily within the skill level of the intermediate level guitarist. Ideal for concert, recital or just playing for fun. Includes access to an online recording of the author performing each piece. ©2022, 92 pages


In a Subtle Way
A Clear Path
A Peaceful Place
Away from You
Stay Here
Blue Tale
Because I Asked
Sweet Love
Come Away with Me
Raga #1
A Time for Two
Life Finds a Way
Better Together than Alone
Moon Gazing Blues
Dream On
One Day
A Brief Encounter
September Reflection
Happy Meeting
It’s Funny
Into Heaven
Raga #2
What If? 
A Feel Good Song
Let Beauty Abound
Over There
Pale Glow
That Feels Right
This Moment
Slow Dance
You’ve Got Me Dreaming
Willow Song
By Moonlight
A Quartal Experience
Yearning Heart Blues
A Triad Piece
Thinking of You
A Blue Song
To Be Here
A Winter’s Tale
A Fresh Beginning
In Night’s Embrace
Oh Tell Me
Isn’t That Peculiar?