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333 Licks, Tricks, and Techniques Every Guitarist Should Know. Ever wished you could learn practically every lead style, cool tricks, great sounding licks that you" ll actually use, all the chord scale rules, all the chords you" d ever need and much, much more in one book? Well, wish no more! Berklee faculty member Mike Ihde has put all this and more into his latest publication. You get over 2 and half hours of recorded examples (with a full band) and over 6 hours of video performance / interviews with the pros who talk about their music and the techniques they use to make it. Everything is in standard notation and tablature but the bonus is the way Ihde teaches you WHY these licks and tricks work. Every example is thoroughly explained in a clear and easy to understand way so you not only learn a new phrase, you learn the principles behind why it sounds good and where to use it. Here is what you get: LICKS: Tons of the hippest and most essential licks around. These are licks you will use! Styles include Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Funk, Rockabilly, Western Swing, and many more. More than 2 and a half hours of recorded examples. TRICKS: Want to know how to make your guitar sound like Steel Drums, Banjo, Marimba, a Church Bell, a Theramin and more without spending a penny on more equipment? The answers are all inside. TECHNIQUES: Scales, chord forms, Jazz chord scale theory, rhythm guitar in all styles, and so much more, there's even brief histories of the most important styles. VIDEOS: Watch the pros play and talk about their music and the techniques they use. 15 QuickTime movies included on the DVD. Over 6 hours of video. The artists on the video are: Mike Auldridge (Dobro), Alison Brown (Banjo), Buddy Emmons & Doug Jernigan (Pedal Steel Guitar), Jon Finn (Modern Rock Guitar), Ray Flacke (Country Guitar), Pete Huttlinger (Solo Acoustic Fingerpicking), Phil Keaggy (Alternate Tunings), Abraham Laboriel (Electric Funk Bass), Billy Robinson & Bobbe Seymour (Lap Steel Guitar), Joe Stump (Speed Metal), David Tronzo (Slide Guitar). ©2008, Book & DVD. 188 pages.