$30 Film School, Second Edition

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Filmmaking is entering a new era. You don" t need big bucks or big studio support to make great movies. Computers have made it possible to make great films with very little money. Mini-DV filmmaking is the new punk rock, the new folk music, the new medium in which anyone can tell his story. $30 Film School is an alternative to spending four years and a hundred-thousand dollars to learn the filmmaking trade. This book is a map for D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself ) art , specifically filmmaking. Guerrilla, no-budget, drive-by filmmaking, to be exact. This new edition has been completely updated to cover advancements in video and audio editing, with many new tips and tricks on shooting, producing, and distribution. The second edition also includes a companion DVD. Features:
  • Make your film idea a reality with a DV camera and a computer.
  • Shows you how to not only make a film, but also how to distribute, tour with, promote, and sell your film.
  • Includes first-hand knowledge on the filmmaking process from the author" s experiences on his newest documentary on Hubert Selby, "It'll Be Better Tomorrow."
  • New edition contains new, improved, and updated chapters on video and audio editing, plus a companion DVD-ROOM loaded with movies, shorts, and trailers from "graduates" of the first edition. ""©2006, 536 pages, Book & DVD-ROM.
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