30-Day Guitar Workout

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The 30-Day Guitar Workout is an excellent exercise plan for guitarists. It includes: daily warm-ups; lessons on right- and left-hand technique; pickstyle and fingerstyle, exercises for chords, single notes; and a 30-day technical development plan for all guitarists.There are a many different ways this book can be used. 1. Learn the warm-ups then go right through the 30-day course as prescribed. 2. Look for specific exercises to remedy certain problems you may be having. 3. Work solely on the single string dexterity exercises. 5. Work exclusively on your picking. 6. Or work on fingerstyle technique. 7. Learn the warm-up only. You can start off by working on the easy warm-up exercises for three or four days, which will give you a solid foundation and gets you into the habit of doing this kind of work. Afterwards, start tackling the workouts. The author suggests that the first time through this book, you spend a few days learning each workout. Making sure you understand that particular day's routine and gain some facility with the exercises before starting the next day's program. Once you have been through the plan once you will know how to customize your workout time. Feel free to make up your own variations on what is suggested. Some of the material can be very challenging. These routines can take a little time to learn and your lifetime to perfect. What you must do is look for consistent weaknesses in your playing, this will point you to the type of exercise work you need. ©1998, 47 pages.