3 Minutes to Blues, Rock & Folk Harmonica, 3rd Edition

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If you can breathe in and out, and feed yourself safely with a fork, " you can be ready to play your first song on harmonica in only three minutes! David Harp, popular author of harmonica books with nearly a million satisfied customers, presents the new edition of HIS MOST BASIC METHOD FOR HARMONICA. This inexpensive book/CD package covers all of the basics - from your first notes on the harmonica, blues effects, breathing patterns for blues and boogie-woogie, and much more - each concept clearly demonstrated on the CD and with easy-to-follow special notation in the book. This book also includes over two dozen songs to play - folk songs (On Top of Old Smoky, Morning Has Broken, ) patriotic songs, religious songs, Irish songs, and even classical (Brahms' Lullaby.) David Harp's books always stress the fun of learning to play music, with encouragement and humor. ©2007, Book & CD.