12 Bar Blues Bible

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Due to the overwhelming demand for the book 100 Ultimate Blues Riffs (CC012), the author decided to release another book solely on blues piano/keyboard playing. Since most blues tunes are made up of a 12 bar progression, Gordon felt that a book that shows the various types and styles of 12 bar blues progressions would be useful to musicians and students.The book includes over 50 examples that cover a range of styles, (blues, jazz-blues, minor-blues, funky-blues, country-blues, rock-blues, latin-blues, gospel-blues), tempos, rhythms and key signatures. There is a brief description, followed by each of the examples perfectly notated, along with the chord symbols. The latter part of the book contains a chapter on the "Basics of Blues Improvisation, " for anyone who is just starting out in the world of improvising using the blues as a starting point. There are seven jam-along tracks at the end of the CD. Each are about three minutes in length, so you may try out the examples in the book or your own improvisational ideas along with a rhythm secton of organ, bass and drums. ©1997. Book & CD.