10 for $10 Sheet Music Classical Piano Solos

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10 for $10 Sheet Music: Classical Piano Solos Level: Easy Piano Version: Piano Solos If you studied piano as a child or teenager, this must-own collection contains some of the music that you probably played during that time. You will have a great time re-learning these authentic, non-simplified sheet music editions. Titles: Minuet in G Major (Bach) * Solfeggietto (C.P.E. Bach) * Fur Elise (Beethoven) * Arabesque (Burgmuller) * Ballade (Burgmuller) * Sonatina in C Major (1st movt.) (Clementi) * The Avalanche (Heller) * The Spinning Song (Ellmenreich) * First Gymnopedie (Satie) * The Happy Farmer (Schumann). ©2010.