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We carry over 385 PC & MAC software titles on music theory, music lessons, computers, ear training, guitar, piano, Cakewalk, Finale, Cubase, MP3, Cool Edit Pro & more!

Software Titles

Our Software Titles section includes over 65 titles! Both PC & MAC software can be found here. Some of the software you can find in this category is: GigMasters Mac, Multimedia Music Theory, NotePlay, Play it By Ear, RhythmPlay, SongMaster, Cubase, Finale Advanced, Encore, TalentPro, Sibelius, World Music Menu and more. 

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Our Computers section includes over 3 titles. Here are just some of the titles you can find in this section: Apple CD-ROM Handbook, How Networks Work - Best Sellers Edition, PCs For Busy People, Quick Start: CD Burning, Quick Start: Sonar, The Complete Idiot's Guide to PCs, The Complete PC Upgrade & Maintenance Guide, Using the Macintosh and more! 

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Our CD-ROM section features over 150 titles relating to several music areas. To give you an idea of what you can find in this category, here are only a few of the 60 titles we carry: 110 Classical Themes CD-ROM Sheet Music, CD-ROM Manuscript Paper, Blue Book of Guitars CD-ROM, Custom CD Series, Ear Training Coach (levels) CD-ROM, Essentials of Music Theory CD-ROM, iSong Interactive Sheet Music: Jimi Hendrix, Keyboard Coach, Sound Synthesis & Sampling CD-ROM, Teach Me Piano, Teach Yourself to Play Guitar, Teach Yourself to Sing, The CD-ROM Chord Finder and many more. 
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Our Internet section features over 20 titles that will help you learn more about and keep up with the Internet and it's related topics. Learn about music & the Internet revolution, creating Internet Entertainment, all about MP3s, how to make money on the Internet, music on the Internet, how to create HTML pages, websites for musicians and more! 

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MIDI & Synthesis

Our MIDI & Synthesis section has over 130 titles to choose from! Here are just some of the titles you can find in our extensive MIDI & Synthesis section: A Musician's Guide to Pro Tools, Advanced MIDI User Guide, Acid Power!, Arranging Techniques for Synthesists, Cakewalk Pro Audio Power!, Composing Music with Computers, Cool Edit Pro 2 in Use, Cubase Power!, Digital Projects for Musicians, Electronic Music & MIDI Projects, Finale Power!, Macworld Music Handbook, Maximum MIDI, Twiddly Bits Series, MIDI Power!, MIDI for the Professional, PC Music - The Easy Guide, ProTools Power!, Quick Start Series, The MIDI Manual, Wizoo Guide Series and many, many more! 

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Multimedia Production

We carry over 17 Multimedia Production titles! If you are interested or work in Multimedia Production then you must visit this section and check out our great selection of titles such as: 3-D Sound for Virtual Reality & Multimedia, Absolute Beginners Guide to Multimedia, Build Your Own Multimedia PC, CD-I Designer's Guide, Computer Animation, Creating Multimedia Presentations, Multimedia Demystified, The Business of Multimedia, The Sound & Music Workshop and many more! 

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