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We are your ultimate online MIDI resource. We carry over 400 books, CD-ROMs, DVDs, videos and software on MIDI, MIDI Files, MIDI & Synthesis, CakeWalk, MP3, Electronic Music, Recording, ProTools and more!

MIDI & Synthesis

Our MIDI & Synthesis section has over 145 titles to choose from! 
Here are just some of the titles you can find in our extensive MIDI & Synthesis section: A Musician's Guide to Pro Tools, Advanced MIDI User Guide, Acid Power!, Arranging Techniques for Synthesists, Cakewalk Pro Audio Power!, Composing Music with Computers, Cool Edit Pro 2 in Use, Cubase Power!, Digital Projects for Musicians, Electronic Music & MIDI Projects, Finale Power!, Macworld Music Handbook, Maximum MIDI, Twiddly Bits Series, MIDI Power!, MIDI for the Professional, PC Music - The Easy Guide, ProTools Power!, Quick Start Series, The MIDI Manual, Wizoo Guide Series and many, many more! 
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MIDI Videos & DVDs

Our MIDI Videos & DVDs section is a great selection of videos & DVDs from Korg, Roland, Yamaha and more! 
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Electronic Drums

Visit our Electronic Drums section to find titles such as Roland Drum Machine Dictionary, Drum Programming, Modern Rock Drum Beats & Loops, The Electronic Drummer and more! 
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Software Titles

Our Software Titles section includes over 60 titles! We carry Both PC & MAC software. 
Browse through this section to find the most popular and used software in the industry. Some of the software you can find in this category is GigMasters Mac, Multimedia Music Theory, NotePlay, Play it By Ear, RhythmPlay, SongMaster, Cubase, Finale Advanced, Sibelius and more. 
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Sound Tracks & Files

We carry over 25 titles in our Sound Tracks & Files section. 
You can find a variety of titles in this section. Here are just a few titles you can find: BeatBoy Series, Female Ballads, Male Ballads, Vocal Bytes, The Analogue Collection, Elvis Presley Vol. 1, Tina Turner Vol.1 and many more! 
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Home Recording

Our Home Recording section includes over 70 titles on the areas of home studio design, digital home recording, home recording techniques, how to build a small budget recording studio from scratch, demo quality recording, making demos, sound advice on mixing, AudioPro Home Recording Course series, guide to recording acoustic guitar, guides to home recording and more! 
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Professional Recording

Our Professional Recording section includes over 340 titles! 
In the Professional Recording section you can find recording encyclopedias, digital recording titles, mixing techniques, surround sound books, audio recording for profit titles, how to remix resources, multi-track recording, recording production techniques, recording techniques, sound recording information, audio mastering, engineering handbooks, recording vocal guides, studio business books, tips for recording musicians and so much more! 
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Our CD-ROM section features over 150 titles relating to several music areas. To give you an idea of what you can find in this category, here are only a few of the 60 titles we carry: 110 Classical Themes CD-ROM Sheet Music, CD-ROM Manuscript Paper, Blue Book of Guitars CD-ROM, Custom CD Series, Ear Training Coach (levels) CD-ROM, Essentials of Music Theory CD-ROM, iSong Interactive Sheet Music: Jimi Hendrix, Keyboard Coach, Sound Synthesis & Sampling CD-ROM, Teach Me Piano, Teach Yourself to Play Guitar, Teach Yourself to Sing, The CD-ROM Chord Finder and many more. 
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