mbp-headers-mandolin-construct-technique.jpgAre you just getting started with the Mandolin, than let us suggest a few of the more popular titles for beginners. Music Books Plus carries Absolute Beginners: Mandolin, which gives you a complete picture guide to playing the mandolin, using clear pictures and illustrations for every step. Or maybe Anyone Can Play Mandolin, this title teaches the fundamentals of mandolin, chord strumming, single-note melody picking, and explains tablature

But if you've been playing the Mandolin for years, let us suggest something more like Beyond Bluegrass Mandolin. This guide will help you develop your versatility over the fingerboard, and master harmonic and rhythmic ideas on the mandolin. Or Mike Marshall's Arpeggio Workout for Mandolin, with interactive play-along session for tonality and improvisation. Gain an understanding of mandolin fret board, music theory, technique and improvisation through the use of arpeggios.

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