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We carry a vast selection of titles on Lighting Techniques, Entertainment Lighting, Architectual Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Stage Lighting, Theatre Lighting, Lighting Standards and more!


Our Lighting section consists of over 50 titles! Some of the lighting books, videos, CDROMS and DVDs you can find here are: A-Z of Lighting Terms, A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Concert Lighting, Focus on Lighting, Fibre-Optics, Lighting Technology, Lighting for TV & Film, Motion Picture and Video Lighting, The Backstage Handbook, Stage Lighting Step-by-Step, Professional Lighting Handbook, Set Lighting Technician's Handbook, Stage Lighting Controls, The Right Light, Lighting Historial Buildings and so much more! 
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Video Production

Whether you are looking to learn the basics of shooting properly on location (- no matter what equipment you are using), the latest camera information, types of location filming and more, Music Books Plus has the experience and know how to guide you through the right selection of titles you will need to gain the skills you need. For anyone who needs to know more about audio-visual equipment and techniques, Music Books Plus is the right place to be, from the basis of computer graphics, interactive AV, to the essential of effective use of traditional methods.
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Live Performance

Our Live Performance section features over 130 titles. Here are just a few of the 70 titles you can find in this section: A Practical Guide to Health & Safety in the Entertainment Ind., Aluminium Structures in the Entertainment Industry, Backstage Handbook: Illustrated Almanac of Technical Info, Create Your Own Stage Effects, Illustrated Theatre Production Guide, Management and the Arts, Production Management, Stage Makeup Step-by-Step, The Health & Safety Guide for Film, TV & Theater, Working in Show Business and many more! 
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