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We are your ultimate online resource for guitar books, CD-ROMs, DVDs and videos. We carry over 1900 titles on guitar guides, playing guitar, guitar legends, guitar collection, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, vintage guitars, guitar lessons and more!

Guitar Technique

Our Guitar Technique section includes over 2100 titles! 
In the Guitar Technique section you can find absolute beginner guides to guitar, guitar chord books, rock & blues solos for guitar, guitar workouts, guitar riffs, guitar tips & tricks, jazz licks, rock licks, acoustic guitar tips, improvisation for guitar, country blues guitar, guitar soloing, chord dictionaries, easy guitar anthologies, arpeggios, essential licks for guitar, beginning rock guitar books, beginning slide guitar books, bluegrass guitar books, bottleneck blues guitar books, classical guitar books, ear training for guitarists, songbooks, left-handed guitar chord books, guitar fitness, guitar secrets, Latin guitar books, music theory for guitarists, music reading books, guitar lick*tionaries, guitar tuning titles and more! 
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Guitar Customization & Repair

Our Guitar Customization & Repair section includes over 45 titles on the areas of adjustment & setups, do-it-yourself projects for guitarists, guitar repair, customization for guitar, guitar making, guitar maintenance, constructing guitars and more! 
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Bass Technique

Our Bass Technique section includes over 440 titles! 
This section features titles on bass tips, bass player handbooks, bass classics, bass workouts, bass for beginners, bass fretboard basics, bass secrets, bass groove dictionaries, bass intros, bass lessons, fretless bass, electric bass, progressive bass licks, rock bass, The Beatles Bass, bass solos and more! 
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Guitar History

Our Guitars of Past & Present section includes over 100 titles! 
If you are interested in vintage guitars, guitar history, information on past and present guitars then this is the section for you. The Guitars of Past & Present section includes titles such as 50 Years of Fender, Beatles Gear, 1000 Great Guitarists, Custom Guitars, Fender Classic Moments, Gibson Electrics, Legends of Rock Guitar, Les Paul: The Gibson Solid Body Story, Rickenbacker, The History of the American Guitar, The Official Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide, 2003 and so much more! 
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Guitar/Bass Videos & DVDs

Our Guitar/Bass Videos & DVDs section includes over 1000 titles! 
Our extensive selection of Guitar/Bass Videos and DVDs features Arlen Roth's 150 Hot Licks for Blues, Rock & Country, B.B. King Blues Master DVD, Back Porch Picking, Blues Rock Guitar Soloing, Guitar for the Absolute Beginner, Left Hand Bass Techniques, Stevie Ray Vaughan's Greatest Hits and more! 
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Our Amps section includes over 30 titles! 
Stop by our Amps section and find titles on amplifiers, amplifier service, guide to amps, tube amps, tube directories, valve amps, amplifier maintenance and more! 
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Biographies on your favorite guitar legends

Our Biography section includes over 190 titles! 
Our Biography section features all of your favorite guitar legends. Some of the artists featured in this section are: The Beatles, The Ramones, Van Halen, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Bryan Adams, Metallica, KISS, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Pal McCartney, John Lennon, Queen, R.E.M., Stone Temple Pilots, The Beastie Boys, The Doors and many more! Browse our Biography section.

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