Dances and Songs to Play and Sing for Hammered Dulcimer

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Format: Softcover

Difficulty: Intermediate
ISBN: 978-15134-6504-3
This collection of dances and songs comes from Peggy Carter’s repertoire of hammered dulcimer arrangements, drawing from years of playing live string-band music for contra dancing, Irish dancing and Royal Scottish country dancing.
If you like to dance and sing, you’ll LOVE this book.
Dances and Songs to Play and Sing for Hammered Dulcimer includes pieces from many parts of the world, arranged for solo performance or dance accompaniment. It includes songs for voice and dulcimer, which can also be played as solo arrangements. In addition, you’ll find marches, jigs, reels, polkas, strathspeys, waltzes and slow dances. The truth is, when playing for dance, a hammered dulcimer is all you’ll need! ©2020, 124 pages
Balquidder Strathspey - Advanced
Banks of Newfoundland Jig - Intermediate
Beaumont Rag - Advanced
Blarney Pilgrim Jig - Intermediate
Bonnie Lass O’ Bon-Accord March/Reel - Intermediate
Campbell’s Farewell to Red Castle Reel - Intermediate
Captain Charles Stewart’s Jig - Advanced
Cardiff Caledonians Jig - Intermediate
Carolan’s Fancy Jig - Intermediate
Cliffs of Moher Jig - Advanced
Come Dance and Sing Reel - Intermediate
Connemara Cradle Song - Intermediate
Courtin’ in the Kitchen Song - Intermediate
Dennis Murphy’s Polka - Intermediate
Devil’s Dream Reel - Intermediate
Drowsy Maggie Reel - Intermediate
Earl of Angus and Arran Strathspey - Intermediate
Eriskay Love Lilt Slow - Advanced
Fairies’ Hornpipe - Intermediate
Farewell to Whiskey Reel - Beginner
Flowers of Edinburgh Hornpipe - Intermediate
For A’ That An’ A’ That Strathspey - Advanced
Foxhunters Jig - Intermediate
French’s Reel - Intermediate
Glass of Beer Reel - Intermediate
Glendart Jig 0 Intermediate
Grand March (O’ Donnell Abú) - Beginner
Hackbrett Polka - Advanced
Haste to the Wedding Jig - Intermediate
How Can I Keep from Singing - Intermediate
Hungarian Waltz - Intermediate
Irish Dancing
Jig Exercises - Beginning
John MacAlpine Strathspey - Intermediate
John Ryan’s Polka - Intermediate
John Tremain’s Reel - Intermediate
Lark in the Morning Jig - Intermediate
Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry Song - Intermediate
Loch Lommond Song/March - Beginner
Log Cabin Waltz - Intermediate
Lone Star Rag - Intermediate
Lord Byron’s Strathspey - Intermediate
Margaret’s Waltz - Intermediate
Mari’s Wedding March - Beginner
Miss Stewart of Bombay Jig - Advanced
Mississippi Sawyer Reel - Advance
Mist Covered Mountains Waltz - Intermediate
Monahan’s Jig - Advanced
Morrison's Jig - Intermediate
Mountain Road Reel Intermediate
Mouth of the Tobique Reel - Intermediate
My Dearie Strathspey Intermediate
My Wild Irish Rose Song/Waltz - Intermediate
New Rigged Ship Reel - Intermediate
One Hundred Pipers Jig - Beginner
Over the Moor to Maggie Reel - Advanced
Petronella Polka - Intermediate
Pineapple Rag - Advanced
Rare Old Mountain Dew Song/Reel - Intermediate
Reel Exercises - Beginner
Rights of Man Hornpipe - Intermediate
Rock the Cradle, Joe Reel - Intermediate
Rose Among the Heather Strathspey - Intermediate
Rose of Sharon Waltz - Intermediate
Sailor’s Bonnet/Glass of Beer Reel - Intermediate
Scotch Mist Strathspey - Intermediate
Scotland the Brave March - Beginner
Scottish Country Dancing
Sean Truibhas Willichan Strathspey - Intermediate
St. Anne’s Reel - Intermediate
Star of Texas Waltz - Intermediate
Steig Waltzer Waltz - Intermediate
Swinging on a Gate Reel - Intermediate
Tam Lin Reel - Intermediate
Tater Jack Walsh Jig - Advanced
Temperance Reel - Intermediate
The Campbells Are Coming Jig - Intermediate
The Cliffs of Doneen Song - Intermediate
The Dancing Master Jig - Intermediate
The Joys of Wedlock Jig - Intermediate
The Lea Rig Strathspey - Advanced
The Nest Egg Jig - Advanced
The Parting Glass Song/Reel - Intermediate
The Princess Augusta Slow - Intermediate
The Sally Gardens Slow - Intermediate
The Weavers of Newly Strathspey - Intermediate
The Wren’s Nest Strathspey - Advanced
Three Branles Slow - Beginner
Three Little Drummers Jig - Advanced
Three Scottish Strathspeys - Advanced
Tura Lura Lura Waltz - Intermediate
Two Scottish Jigs - Advanced
Wesphalia Waltz - Intermediate
Wild Mountain Thyme Song - Intermediate
Willafjord Reel - Intermediate