Crowdfunding for Musicians - Using Kickstarter, Patreon and More to Get Paid for Your Music

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Publisher: Berklee Press

Format: Softcover

Crowdfund your music career! Use Kickstarter, Patreon, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding tools to connect to your fan base and run a successful fundraising campaign. Mobilize your fans to support your next album, tour, video, or other music project, or to create a steady fan-sourced income stream to support your career as a musician. Develop effective strategies for successful campaigns, including timing, networking, press relations, reward levels, and more. You will learn not only how to increase your income, but generally to optimize your career and art while connecting with your fan base. Interviews with artists and industry insiders offer real-world stories and practical advice.

Whether you have a label, manager, and large fan base, or just want to record your very first music, this book will help you achieve success as an independent artist. ©2019, 208 pages


  • “Laser Malena-Webber has compiled a veritable Hitchhiker's Guide for independent musicians hoping to harness the benefits of crowdfunding. Comprehensive enough to help anyone from rank novice to nascent mogul, Laser dishes practical info and wisdom using clear language and easy humor. You'll still need to do the work yourself, but Laser's guide will be your companion for crowdfunding success.” –Storm DiConstanzo, singer-songwriter, Paul and Storm

    “I've done a few crowdfunding projects, and I've probably made every possible mistake. Wouldn't it be great if I'd had some kind of a guide, perhaps in book form, something that started with the basics, clarified the dizzying array of possibilities, and then connected my dream with the practical steps I needed to take to make it happen? This is that book. Crowdfunding is a powerful magic spell, and Laser is the Hogwarts professor who can teach you how to cast it in a way that works for you.” –Jonathan Coulton, independent musician, Emmy- and Tony-nominated songwriter, co-host of NPR's Ask Me Another.



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