We Are All In the Service Industry

22nd Aug 2019

 We Are All In the Service Industry

By: Mark Schulman, May 2017

Try on this viewpoint for a moment: we are all in the service industry. As a drummer I am providing a service to the customers/clients in the audience, the artist for whom I play and the performers with whom I engage. As a speaker I am serving my audiences with content and entertainment, providing the speaker’s bureaus with a brand they can promote, delivering the meeting planners a presentation that makes their clients happy and makes them look good!

Fundamentally, the president of a country, the CEO of an airline, a police officer and the manufacturer of the bricks that create the foundation for your home are there to serve. When we lose sight of this and become self absorbed, righteous or negligent, conflicts erupt and barriers obstruct goals.

I have taken an oath to be of service every time I get on the stage, get on the phone or get in bed to listen to my daughter read me a story. When I communicate with my wife, my clients or my band members, I am conscientious to abide by this personal decree.

Every time (I mean EVERY time) I lose sight of this goal, I end up fostering conflict instead of harmony; just ask my wife! I have mentioned many times in my speeches that when everyone else around me is taken care of, my life is easy! By pledging to be of service, I create an environment of ease (as opposed to dis-ease), support for everyone around me and feel a deeper sense of fulfillment.

I do have my own needs and I will of course put on my oxygen mask first when it comes to my basic survival and health. But I do so with the knowledge that only if my basic needs are set up can I then be of ultimate service to others.

I also find that committing to a life of service mitigates complaining! When I feel neglected, insecure or angry, I have learned that changing my focus to serve someone else can be a quick and effective win/win to make these emotional flurries very temporary and quite laughable in hindsight.

Here is your CTA- Call To Action. Have fun with it. Assume the position of service. Look for new and creative ways to support others. Life can be a more fulfilling and even more profitable experience when you dedicate yourself to highest good of all concerned beyond the highest good of only your concern!

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