Create Your New Music At Home Kit

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While you are at home, this is THE time to WRITE, RECORD & PROMOTE your New Music

We at Music Books Plus have put together a package of 3 of our BESTSELLERS to help you reach this goal!!

The Music Books Plus' Create Your New Music At Home Kit includes:

The Craft of Songwriting - Scarlet Keys - HL13916

Take your songwriting to the next level!

This book breaks down the processes used by hit songwriters and dives deeply into the craft of songwriting. Discover the tools and techniques for melody, harmony, lyrics, and form behind so many great songs. You will access the magic and come out more connected to your heart and craft. Online audio tracks illustrate these techniques in context, showing how they affect your song's overall impact.

How to Create Compelling Mixes - Craig Anderton - HL14206

The best recordings are for nothing if the mix doesn't present those tracks in the best possible way – and this book is all about how to make mixes that pull the listener in. It's not just about the technology, but the art of mixing as well. This book is written in a clear, practical, non-intimidating style.

The Self-Promoting Musician, Third Edition - Peter Spellman - HL11236

This book gives you all the vital info you need to know on how to promote yourself & succeed in today's music business.


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