Music Books Plus - The Home Recording Survival Pack
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The Home Recording Survival Pack

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Product Description

Five recording books by Paul White in a quality slipcover. This is an all-in-one solution to home studio headaches.The set includes:"Home Recording Made Easy"
Professional recordings on a demo budget. Recent advances in affordable technology mean that it's now possible to record, edit, mix and master CD-quality audio from your home set-up, at a fraction of the the cost of using a professional studio. But with greater choice of equipment comes greater confusion -- which is where "Home Recording Made Easy" comes in.Fully updated to explain digital editing, computer maintenance, system enhancement, CD burning and mastering, the book covers the whole range of home recording techniques, from acoustically treating your studio to arriving at a completed master. Illustrated throughout with easy-to-follow diagrams and screen shots, this second edition of "Home Recording Made Easy" is an indispensable handbook for every aspiring home-studio owner. ©2001, 248 pages. "Desktop Digital Studio"
Ten years ago, recordinging studios were usually racks of effects boxes, recording equipment and mixing desks that seemed to go on forever, all hooked up to a writhing mass of cables and connectors. Today, however, modern studios are more likely to be based around a single computer system, digitally performing all of the tasks that it used to take a whole studio full of quipment to erform. "Desktop Digital Studio" is a step-by-step guide to setting up a digital recording environment capable of computer-based MIDI sequencing, audio recording and editing, sound synthesis and effects processing. Containing a full glossary of terms and easy-to-follow diagrams, it offers the soundest advice money can buy, for beginners and intermediates alike. ©2000, 240 pages. "MIDI for the Technophobe"
In this book the absolute beginner is introduced to the concept of MIDI by way of analogy with familiar technology. Myths relating to the dehumanization of music by computers are exploredfrom both sides and informantion is introduced in a straightforward, logical order. In just a few hours, with no confusing jargon, you'll find out how MIDI works, what hardware is needed to build your own MIDI system and how to use that system to create, record and edit your own music. ©1997, 190 pages."How to Get the Sound You Want"
This is the first book to offer a thorough and clear comparison of sound production techniques. From blues to banghra and jungle to jazz, the authors present the techniques for capturing the authentic sound of each genre."Rhythm Programming"
*An essential guide to creating rhythm tracks for all musicians. *Comes with a free CD-ROM packed with audio samples and MIDI files containing pre-programmed rhythms. *The best guide to drum programming on the market. "Rhythm Programming" is a clear step-by-step guide that enables anyone with a home or professional computer-music studio to create realistic-sounding drum grooves in minutes. The book is accompnaied with a full CD-ROM containing drum samples and pre-programmed groove examples to allow the reader to begin rhythm programming immediately. ©2002, 275 pages. Book & CD-ROM. Boxed Set of Five Books.

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