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The Audio Effects Workshop

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Product Description

The topic of audio effects probably excites more passion, more discussion, and more controversy than almost any other aspect of recording and especially mixing. Yet even after reading never-ending streams of magazine articles and participating in any number of discussions in the ever-expanding range of Internet audio forums, musicians and producers can still find the subject of effects shrouded in mystery, myth, and confusion. Used wisely, audio effects can play an important part in adding color, life, and clarity to a good mix. Used badly, they can and will spoil it. THE AUDIO EFFECTS WORKSHOP is designed to help anyone involved in recording and post-production understand audio effects and how to use them. First, you'll learn about the nature of sound and how the human ear receives it and perceives it -- foundational knowledge that's key to understanding how audio effects work to modify sound. Next, you'll be introduced to numerous audio effects. Using the host DAW of your choice, you will employ a carefully chosen selection of audio files from the supplied DVD to work through step-by-step tutorials to explore, examine, and learn what each effect does, how it works, and the role of each of its various controls, both on its own and when used along with other parameters and effects. The effects you'll learn about will include noise gates, EQ, compressors, expanders, limiters, chorus, delay, reverb, modulators, stereo imaging, stereo panning, and more. You'll also be introduced to a number of analysis tools, and you'll see just how useful and important these can be. You'll then take the crucial next steps, learning how these different effects behave in combination with each other. In this context, you'll learn about concepts such as serial and parallel effects (FX) processing and how to use them to your advantage. Concepts are explained in a friendly, conversational tone, using real-world practical examples. Contents:
  • 1. Before You Begin.
  • 2. Sound: Its Characteristics and Its Qualities.
  • 3. Introducing Audio Effects.
  • 4. Shaping the Waves: Equalization.
  • 5. Shutting the Gate: Noise Gates.
  • 6. Changing Dynamics: Compressors and More.
  • 7. Playing with Time: Delay and Chorus.
  • 8. The Fourth Dimension: Reverb.
  • 9. Time Modulation, Pitch Shifting, and More.
  • 10. Channel FX: Auto-Pan, De-Essers, De-Poppers, and More.
  • 11. Harnessing the Power of Automation.
  • 12. Making Space: Stereo Enhancement.
  • 13. The Chain Gang: Serial FX Processing.
  • 14. Chaining the Chain Gangs: Parallel FX Processing.
  • 15. Multiband Compressors, Mastering Limiters, and More.
  • 16. Where To From Here?
  • Index ©2010, 352 pages.
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