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Light and Colour Filters

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Written by two acknowledged and respected experts in the field, this book is destined to become the standard reference work on the subject. The title chronicles the development and use of colour filters and also describes how colour is perceived and how filters function. Up-to-date reference tables will help the practitioner make better and more specific choices of colour. Contents: FOREWORD PREFACE INTRODUCTION 1 EARLY COLOUR of LIGHT; Light in Theatre, Early Times; Colour in Theatre, Early Times; The Introduction of Gas; The Magic Lantern; The Limelight; The Carbon Arc; Gelatine; Other Colour Methods, Lamp Dip; The Modern Age, Electric Light and Gel; The 20th Century; The Samoiloff Effect; 2 THE NATURE of LIGHT; The Eye; Colour Vision; Colour Blindness; Colour Mixing; Subtractive; Memory Colours; Additive Colour Mixing; Subtractive Colour Mixing; Colour, How We Describe; Adaptation; Using the Swatchbook; Use and Misuse of the Swatchbook; Common Language for Colour Names 3 PRACTICAL COLOUR FILTERS; Today's Filters; Acetate; Polyester; Polycarbonate; Flame Retardance in Filters; Colour Consistency and Temperature Limits; Glass Filters; Dichroic Glass; Manufacture of Dichroic Glass; Comparison - Flexible Polymeric Filters to Dichroic Glass 4 WHY COLOUR LIGHT?; Stage or Set Lighting is a Product of Three Elements; How to Choose Colour; Positioning of Colour; Open White; Saturated Colours; Pastel Colours; Broad Families of Colour; The Whites; The Reds; The Blues; The Greens; The Ambers; The Pinks; The Lavenders; Other Colours; The Warm and Cool Colour Concept; Metamerism; Colour Healing; Colour Measurement; Fluorescent Sleeves; Custom Colour for Filters; Dichroic Effects Colours; Other Effects Colour Products; Packs; Colour Effects Pack/Vivid Pack; Colours Effects Kit; Colour Magic; Cosmetic Pack; Super Size Swatch Books; Scrolls; Safety Frames; Effects of Dimming; Tungsten Lamps; Control Setting 5 FILTERS FOR CONTROLLING LIGHT FOR FILM, TELEVISION AND STILL PHOTOGRAPHY; Light, Film Emulsions and Imaging Systems; Colour Temperature, K (Kelvin); Units of Measurement; Tungsten Balance; Natural Daylight; Artificial Daylight; Mired Shift; Measurement of Light; Lumen; Lux; How to use the Nomograph; Correction Filters; To Increase Kelvin; To Decrease Kelvin; To Reduce Light But With No Colour Change, Neutral Densities and Combinations; Other Materials for Neutral Density; Rigid Acrylic Panels 6 FILTERS FOR USE WITH FLUORESCENT AND DISCHARGE LAMPS; Plus Green; Minus Green; Fluorescent Handling; Discharge and Carbon Arcs; Calibrated Colour; Digital And High Definition (HD); Dichroic Glass Correction Filters; Specialist Corrections; IR/UV, Hot Mirror; Woods Glass; UV Blocking Filter; Camera Filters 7 DIFFUSION; Natural Light and Diffusion; Sunshine; Product Names; In the Colour Frame; Changing Beam Shape; Coloured Diffusion; Away From the Colour Frame; Soft, Do Not Withstand Heat; Gridcloths; 'Spun' Materials; Reflectors 8 SPECIALIST FILTERS; Polarising Filter; Black Foil; Lighting Control Packs; Dichroic Accessories; Dealing with Ultraviolet and Infrared Energy; Ultraviolet; Infrared; Dichroic Filters; Using Dichroic Glass Filters; Heat; Infrared Energy; Radiant; Conducted Heat; Convected Heat; Heat Consequence for Filters; Heat Shields 9 LIGHT SOURCES; Colour Temperature; Colour Rendering Index; Lamp Characteristics; The Future for Colour Filters APPENDICES; 1 Early Gelatine Ranges and Colour Names; 2 Colour with Common Adjective Designations; 3 Colour by Name, Alphabetic; 4 Colour by Number, Numeric; 5 Common Acronyms in Current Use. ©2009.

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