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Build Your Own Home Studio Kit

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Product Description

We are often asked what our best titles are for the person who wants to build their own studio, so we have put together a package of FOUR of our BESTSELLERS - to get you own your way ... and you SAVE 20% off the Retail Price if you purchased them seperately. You get all for for only $72.97! You should check this package out - before you start planning your studio - will save you time and headaches! Here they are: Acoustic Design for the Home Studio Mitch Gallagher With the advances in digital technology, musicians can now produce their own music at home. Over the years the gear has gotten much better, and musicians have learned a great deal about recording. So why do so many musicians and engineers have difficulty getting truly professional-sounding results? One reason? Acoustics. If the room you" re working in has poor acoustics, it will be extremely difficult -- if not impossible -- to produce excellent results. You can" t capture a true sound if the microphones don" t hear the instruments and vocals correctly. You have to be able to hear what" s truly going on with your tracks to make the proper decisions about editing, equalizing, processing, and mixing them. ©2006, 246 pages
  • HL5981 $39.99 US Basic Home Studio Design Paul White To produce a high-quality recording, it is important to have the right acoustic setting. Unfortunately, most home recording studios are constructed in less-than-ideal surroundings. Investigating areas such as soundproofing, acoustics and monitoring, Basic Home Studio Design will help you transform your bedroom into the equivalent of a modern recording studio, and at a fraction of the price. ©2000, 208 pages.
  • NBN14 $7.95 US Home Recording Studio - Build It Like The Pros Rod Gervais With advances in digital technology, musicians can now produce their own music. But the gear is only part of the equation when it comes to recording and mixing. The next part is finding a soundproof room that you can produce it in. Unfortunately, any old room in your house will not suffice for a quality recording. Without a decent room, you'll never be able to record a studio-quality recording you'll be proud of and be excited to have other people hear. So how do you go about creating a space in your home that has similar acoustics to that of a world-class studio? How do you soundproof this room to keep your sound in and outside noise out? How do you construct or modify the room so that its size and shape best complement its function? ©2006, 326 pages. HL6353 $24.95 US SO ORDER YOUR PACKAGE TODAY FOR ONLY $72.97 (Reg $92.88) AND START BUILDING!
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