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30th Anniversary SOCANs Shimmer with Songwriting, Composing, Music Publishing, Licensing Success

Ralph Murphy was honored with the SOCAN Special Achievement Award for his prodigious achievements in songwriting and his lifetime commitment to passing along his great wisdom to aspiring music creators.

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Top 5 Challenges for the Adult Music Student and How to Overcome Them

Top 5 ChallengesBy Alfred Publishing"Finding the time to practice with so many adult responsibilities can be difficult... but the bigger issue is a matter of mindset."

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Why is Spotify for Artists so important?

Author: Bob D'EithSpotify has close to 90 million paid subscribers around the world and nearly 200 million monthly users. There are now over 40 million tracks streaming on Spotify, with 3 billion playlists. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” is the most streamed track at over 2 billions streams. Apple Music boasts huge numbers too and has more paid subscribers in [...]

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Influences Are Like Parachutes

Written by: Jason RasoInfluences are like parachutes. You hope they open up and allow you to land on your own two feet. If not, well, you know how that goes! Many players have been crushed under the weight of their influences.Billy Sheehan was my first major influence on bass. I adored his playing with David Lee Roth and Mr. [...]

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Chinese pianist Lang Lang returns with new album 'Piano Book' and a passion for music education

After a long absence due to an injured left hand, Chinese pianist Lang Lang celebrated his return to classical music with a performance at the Asian launch ceremony of his latest studio album Piano Book on Monday in Beijing. Dressed in an all white suit, Lang raised himself up from his stool a bit to [...]

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Authored by Hugh McIntyreBeing a Songwriter is easy but being a really good one is difficult. You can be great in your own eyes — that’s a form of success — but when many writers, Producers, and artists are talking about being “successful” in their craft, they mean they want to be able to make a living making their art, [...]

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10 Things I Wish I Had Known as a Beginner Guitar Player

Written by Author: Migual Marquez1. Learn As Many Different Chords As PossibleIt doesn’t matter how much you like the X song, if you’re always playing the same chords every time you play that X song, you might end up feeling bored and less motivated to play it. A simple fix would be substituting the chords and voicing implemented.If [...]

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Recording Vocals at Home: 9 Big Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If recording is on your list of to-dos for 2019 - be sure to read through this invaluable post we found from Rob Mayzes. Rob is an audio professional, musician and educator.Recording vocals properly is the cornerstone of a good mix.They tell the story and set the emotional tone. They tie the entire project together. The truth is, [...]

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