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Written by Jeffrey Brabec & Todd Brabec

User generated content, or UGC, presents unique issues, because non-pro users frequently post what they want and obviously do not seek out licenses for the music they may use. Early on, in the history of Internet video — which is to say, in the history of YouTube — such unlicensed uses often went undetected. If these uses were detected, they resulted in a take down notice from the rights holder.

User generated content presented a Hobson’s choice, since it meant either tolerating infringement or potentially outraging users. Ultimately, YouTube developed automated detection software, plus a clever, innovative third solution offered by other websites: monetizing user content with advertising and sharing a portion of the ad revenue with the rights holders.

The compensation depends on whether the commercially released master recording or only the composition itself is used. If the original master is used, the publisher, on behalf of itself and the songwriter, will receive fifteen percent of the net advertising revenue related to the particular UGC video, and the master recording owner (generally the record company) will receive thirty five percent with YouTube retaining the remainder. Otherwise, the publisher will receive fifty percent, which can be reduced to thirty five percent if YouTube elects to pay the UGC creator a portion of the revenue.


Platforms and media do, and will invariably change, with some becoming more valuable and others less so. The changes will sometimes be quick and dramatic, and in other cases, gradual and perhaps almost imperceptible. As the business changes and new ways of listening to and experiencing music are introduced, so do the contracts. The melodies of the future are unknowable, but the tune is unmistakable. As long as people continue to love music, music licensing will thrive both creatively and monetarily.

MUSIC, MONEY AND SUCCESS: THE INSIDER€'S GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS, written by industry insiders Todd Brabec, Educator, Entertainment Law Attorney and Former ASCAP Executive Vice President and Worldwide Director of Membership, and Jeff Brabec, Vice President, Business Affairs, BMG Chrysalis tells you HOW THE BUSINESS WORKS, WHAT YOU MUST KNOW TO SUCCEED, AND HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN MAKE in Films, Television, Video Games, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, Record Sales, Downloads and Streams, Advertising Commercials, Ringtones and Ringbacks, Interactive Dolls and Toys, Broadway, New Media, Scoring Contracts and Synch Licenses, Music Publishing, Foreign Countries and MUCH MORE.

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